Art, Art, Art!

Field trips are some of the most anticipated elements of Winding Road Academy for our children. We recently made a list of some of their top choices for field trip excursions. One of the very first choices was to visit an art museum. (Shock and awe from Mom's mouth!)

Next Tuesday, we will deliver the 2 babies to a babysitting friend and then Budding Author, Little Mommy and I will board the DART light rail to venture to downtown Dallas and visit the Dallas Museum of Art!

This will be an exciting day for all 3 of us... it has been decades since I've visited an art museum. Only one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny hesitation - What in the world will we do when we get there?? Do I walk the entire museum with two young children? Do we randomly choose a section of the museum to see and save the rest for another day?? Won't they be bored to tears? Won't I be bored to tears?

I have followed this wonderful blogger, Harmony Art Mom, for quite some time. She always has beautiful suggestions about art & music appreciation for the everyday, ordinary Mommy. There is nothing fancy or high-brow about her message... just one Mom to another.

So, I quickly sent her an e-mail asking if she had written anything about 'Visiting an Art Museum with Young Children?' This kind Mom sent me an e-mail in return with some specific ideas for the Dallas Museum of Art (even though she is on the West Coast!) and great links to boot! And then this morning, I saw her post Tips for a Family Visit to an Art Museum. So cool!

I am almost prepared for our jaunt... and I'm thankful that there are very interesting Moms out there who make these first steps SO much easier!


Clay W. Ginn said…
You will have to let me know about the Dallas Art Museum. I took the kids to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art and the Kimball art museum last year. We had a good time, more at the modern art than Kimball.
Pam said…
I'm so excited about your decision. You are going to have so much fun with field trips.

That's exactly how we have done this trip in the past, taking DART adds to the excitement.

Besides the art experience, their restaurant has wonderful food (much nicer than the zoo) And their bookstore has wonderful resources for teaching art.

DART to the zoo is also a lot of fun.


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