What in the World?

Home education is one of those topics that typically brings an extreme response in one direction or another. As we have contemplated this very important decision, we have experienced both extremes and certainly all temperatures in between.

Where to start...

Thoughts have bubbled in our brains about home education for almost 2 years. When Budding Author started Kindergarten we decided upon a university model school - three days at school, two at home. The teacher prepares lesson plans and Mom & Dad's job is to tackle the Tuesday/Thursday work. Great model. Our experience has been wonderful.

As the days rapidly passed, we became more aware that it would be nice for Budding Author (and soon to be Little Mommy) to move academically ahead at their own pace, to be able to dig deeper into topics of interest and to explore God's world in nature as often as possible. We felt compelled to begin some serious research into home education.

We had all of the typical concerns... relationships/socialization, proper academic training, wearing Mommy out, etc. One by one those concerns faded with information, example and prayer.

Across our nation, more than 2 million students are being home educated with the number growing annually by exponential proportions. This method of education is more mainstream that it has been in the past. Certainly, there are extreme cases where parents say they are home schooling, but end up doing nothing. These high profile examples are the exception, not the reality.

Additionally, there are some really great home school blogging Moms out there... a few I've followed for over a year and a half. There are also some really effective homeschooling families right in our church family. We can see the fruits of their efforts. We see the long-term benefits of education as 'life.'

This blog will primarily be a way to highlight Budding Author and Little Mommy's efforts and share our pursuits with friends and family. Infrequent discussions of home education issues will also be included. I hope to reference some of the resources that we will use and also to share planning for our first Winding Road Academy Family Field Trip in the Spring of 2008.

Don't worry ... I'll keep my boasting about my children to a minimum.


christy said…
We're so happy to hear you are taking this step in the education of your children! And yet another thing we have in common!
I know you will continue to see what a blessing it is just to experience learning at all times alongside your children.
Be blessed in this journey! We will have much to share, I'm sure :)
I remember starting out on our homeschooling journey. The things we thought were going to be obstacles never materialized. The journey has been sweet. When I started out, my kids were 11,9,3,and 1. The older ones have graduated on to college and the younger ones have just grown into homeschooling...very naturally. It is a way of life.

I applaud you and want to encourage you to try to focus on what your family needs and not try to defend or over-think your decision. No one can meet your child's needs as well as you can as their parent. Family and friends will see over time the fruits of your efforts.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom
Steve Sensenig said…
What Christy said :)

Sometimes she beats me to the comments on a blog! hehe
Duane and Carin said…
I am so excited to find your blog, me and my family are serving in Bolivia and will be starting to homeschool either in Jan or Aug. Up until today I had yet to find a missionsry homeschool blog like yours. I have even set-up my own seperate blog so that others who are on similar journeys can get some info and ask questions.
I have a question, how are you incorporating language into your children's studies.
May God richly bless you, your family,your ministry and your homes school.

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