Stars & Stripes

Sunday, September 3, 2016 was spent in a way that is new to me during this season and a bit odd in this corner of the world....   I finished the first of 6 cross-stitch American flag stars.  

Why am I cross-stitching?   Comic relief is really the underlying reason :).     Home-making has never been my strong suit.   Although I have always admired my mom and many other amazing women who seem to have all of those talents down, I seem to lack them in my own life.  

So, what would lead me to purchase a cross-stitching kit, all kinds of supplies and haul them back with me to Honduras?

My oldest son's graduation in 2018, of course!

I have given myself 2 full years to complete this task.   (I know myself!)    While the quality and beauty may not live up to anyone's evaluation,  the amount of love and serious prayer packed in to this little project will be astounding.    Each sibling is going to pick a word of encouragement for Aidan and I will do my best to embroider that word into the star.

Today, my goal is in the public domain.   I'm setting myself up for a little accountability, just in case I start to talk myself out of this project.    Pray for me.

Aidan is more than worth it.   And each of my younger peeps is now asking when I will start on theirs.   Goodness, now I know what my mom felt like when she started cross-stitching baby quilts for each of her grandchildren!   Overwhelming task with a lifetime of memories.

Onward and upward.


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