Today is my spicy Aaron Gabriel's birthday.   He was once called 'Little Boy Blue' online because he wasn't officially 'ours' and information in the world wide web is not as private as we would like to believe.    

Little Boy Blue is 9.    9 years old!

When we moved to Honduras, he was 3... just a baby.   He has lived 2/3 of his life in Honduras.  He has spent the last 6 years learning to speak English and Spanish at the very same time.   During these years he has played with monkeys, eaten mangoes off of the tree, swam in lagoons, taken boat trips and befriended a million geckos, crabs, frogs and snails.    

2/3 of a lifetime.   That puts things into perspective for me.

Numbers quantify time a bit.   While I haven't lived 2/3 of my life in Honduras, I have lived a distinct chunk.  6 years.

In comparison, we lived in our country dream house for exactly 5 years.   It seemed like a lifetime.

On our last US visit, we had the distinct privilege to return to our dream home.  The new owners (well, 6 years is hardly 'new') are IVA sponsors and have supported ROH for many years.   They graciously invited us over for dinner.

I imagined that I would be somehow 'homesick' or 'regretful' as I planned to visit this beautiful country house that had been our hearts' desire.    And yet, I felt nothing but happiness for these kind people who had made our house into their home.

Odd.   No regrets.  Not even 1.

As I look forward 6 more years...   my oldest will most likely have graduated from college by that time and my second will be well on her way.    Will we still be living full-time in Honduras?    Will we be spending months here and months there and months in-between - searching for a spot where we are all 'home' again?

Birthdays, anniversaries, new years, deaths...  marking time.

Truly though... the important thing is not the numbering of the years or the speculation about what the tomorrows might illustrate,  but rather the marking of each and every day.  

Are Aaron's days being filled with memories - beautiful, unique, challenging  memories - that will carry him through the next season?      Are my days, individual hours, being used to bring love to my family and students?

Only time will tell.   The same time that measures days, measures years and will tell our stories.   Lord, may my time faithfully tell Your love story.


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