The power of story.   Story is how God connects Himself to His people... in the early days, story was shared verbally.   Today, story is also shared in written and audio form.    The Bible is His story... Redemption's story, Grace's story,  Love's story.

We all have a story.   My story is the one that brought me thus far... the one that rescued a woman from herself... the one that began to make sense only as I gave myself completely away... the one story that is mine.    You have a story.   Your story is the one of God's faithfulness in your life, His transforming love that pursued you,  His grace like a shield that protected.  

While in West Virginia, I met Sarah.    She and I had a smile and a bit of a surface-level conversation.   And then, suddenly, our conversation went really, really deep.... fast.   She shared something that made me feel connected to her;  it made me feel safe to reveal a part of me that has long laid hidden.    I did not share it that day with her, but I felt like I could and would because she was courageous enough to share something with me!

Sarah is a writer.   She is a tailor of words... and she has asked me to share my story with her blog readers in her November series -  30 Days of Story.     

Sometimes, my story seems so simple.  Other times, it seems so complicated and convoluted.   

How to tell my story in a way that gives Glory to God alone.... in humility, with the humor that God placed along the way, with honesty that might offend,  with the hurts that pierced me to the core?

Sarah shares a great quote:  
In Kingdom Journeys, Seth Barnes writes, “By allowing people to see my flaws, I find God uses them to set people free…by sharing our weaknesses and failings, our own dignity may take a hit, but others are encouraged to consider themselves differently.”

I have no idea what my story will contribute to this project.  She has friends who are published authors, who have suffered through atrocities and who live much more interesting God-journeys than me.    But, because she asked, I will share.

I need your help, friends.   If you have known me in real life, or followed this blog through the past 5 years, what part of my story has shown you the most of God?    What part of this reflects Him the most?

That is what I have to share.     That is my story.   

Help me share it with others.


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