One Monday

Today was a typical Monday...  after a wonderful weekend, the military decided to run drills in front of our apartment beginning around 5 a.m.    Then the catholic church began to ring its bell - 60 times (I've counted many times) for Monday morning mass.   The catholic church is across the street from us ... I still cannot sleep through this.

My little Aaron was up way too early which meant that the day was going to be NUTS for him.   And it was.   And NUTS for me, too.

As an aside, I am badly in need of a root canal.   Dr. Tom Brian, the dentist who started one of the homes we work with, cannot do a root canal here.  He doesn't have the equipment.  In the US, he has sold his practice, so he cannot help me there either.    The cheapest quote we have for a root canal is $950 and that is a discounted rate.   If you, dear reader, know of a sweet dentist that we can bribe with Honduran coffee, let me know!

Back to Monday.

Between teeth issues, a baby who can now clap, a group of snails who are escaping from their kid-made habitat, and trying to get school done with slower-than-molasses internet,  I had a beautiful quiet time with God.    A wee bit of light.

Afternoon came quickly.  Alex asked me how we wanted to layout our bathroom in the new house.   On paper, we couldn't figure it out.   There was no way to fit a toilet, sink and shower in the space.

A light went off for Alex.

There was an extra toilet at House of Hope.  His idea "let's take it over to the building site and try it out."

So, we hauled the toilet around in our cute utility golf cart this afternoon while Arlee reluctantly rode with it to secure its safety.

And that, my friends, is how I found myself watching my husband climb a narrow ladder with a toilet on one shoulder.   He climbed up 10 feet to reach a small ledge at the top of concrete posts.   It is hard to explain... but, trust me when I say, he is one strong dude!

Alex beckoned me up and I paused for a quick second.      I got a little antsy and our friend, Jaime, from above, said  'Come on up here, be a woman of courage!'    That was all the motivation I needed to move my backside up the ladder.

On the ledge that will be my future bathroom, we placed the toilet and envisioned the shower.   The breeze was amazing and the view, spectacular.     I cannot wait to move in!

And Monday comes to a close, with a diaper blowout, good dinner conversation about Lance Armstrong, lots of little helpers and one tired mama.   

Welcome Tuesday!


Robin said…
I loved this post! Sounds like a typical day for us, too! Sometimes I wonder what folks think of reading our 'normal' goings on, lol. Thanks for sharing, praying for your house to get finished quickly, and for your root canal to work out...hate that for you, friend!
Love you, thanks for your words and insight!
Traci said…
Love that story. :)

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