Sometimes when we get in an honest discussion with other missionaries,  things inevitably roll around to wondering if anyone ever reads the newsletters and prayer requests that missionaries send out.   We all try to laugh it off, but the reality is... does anyone read it?

Here's my question... is there another method that might better highlight what work is being done and might appeal to a broader audience?   

It is our responsibility to donors to be transparent and to present at least a portion of what we do.   It often feels more like boasting;  we hate that part.   Are we even doing justice to the need?

The reality of our missionary life is fundraising and our heart is to do it with integrity and without manipulation.

All of that to say, here is our most recent newsletter and we would love your feedback, questions, criticisms and encouragement.


The Herd said…
I love the font size, the map at the end, the vibrant photos...I'd read it! I love your blog being so your blog listed on the newsletter email? If not, that might be fun to add.
Ok, those are my thoughts:)

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