If more than one of you was utterly confused by my post yesterday, I totally understand.    So, for today, I'll stick with a few really light things that have been a part of our first week home.

Number One is Baby Daniel!!!   We are taking care of a baby for one of our friends who is visiting the US.   He is a cutie and keeps reminding us of how much fun we had when ours were tiny.

I have a husband who is very hands-on.  He loves babies and has always been a large part of feeding, changing , bathing our own children.   Having Daniel around has just reminded me of how rare this is - to have a man that takes this whole Daddy-thing to heart.   

Number Two is...  we have two volunteers living with us for 2 weeks!   Mary & Katie are from North Carolina and are spending time helping with the garden at Mama Tara's, tutoring kids, teaching English and spending time with us.   They have been welcome hands as we returned back to Puerto Lempira to a home that was covered with an inch of dirt.

Number Three... a special gift.

I was taking a special young friend home the other night to her tiny shack without electricity.  Her family has been a part of our lives since we arrived.   Her brother lived with us for a time.  She and her sister are in the Reach Out Honduras sponsorship program.   The family struggles.

We pulled up to her very dark house right around nightfall.   5 kids ran up to our vehicle with hugs ready to share with Arlee and me.    Oh, how I've missed these kids and their hugs!

A few minutes later, their mom came out to say 'hi' and to offer me a gift.   Eggs.  

Eggs that were cradled by a small tank top in a cut-apart milk box.   What a gift.

I still just stare at these eggs.   I know what a sacrifice it is to give in this way when there is already not enough food to go around.

It was hard for me to accept the eggs knowing this.  And yet, I have been told that anything less than a grateful heart of acceptance will be offensive to the giver here in La Moskitia.    

My little eggs are like gold.    A gift well-received.


Holly (me.) said…
It seems that the less one has to give, the more one's generosity is apparent. It must be both humbling and precious to be the recipient of a genuinely sacrificial gift.

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