After one week in the US, here are a few things that I am aware of - in no particular order:

  • The generosity of family and friends has now reached a point where we can officially be called SPOILED ROTTEN

  • I do not like cold weather
  • I love to worship in my heart language
  • We have a great Board of Directors for Reach Out Honduras - it is fun to dream with them
  • When situations are challenging,  I can and will hide in the shadow of His wings
  • I enjoy driving my friend's car around listening to music and letting my kids watch DVDs

  • I miss my little Miskito friends with a deep longing  
  • Each mom has her own 'capacity' - ability to function well within the life she has been given.   Comparing my capacity to another and feeling inadequate is not healthy for me or for the supermom I'm comparing myself to.   :)     
  • My own kids are really great people with flexibility and resilience that far surpass their Mama
  • I'm 12 verses down or, should I say, up on my way to memorizing the book of James.    James gets a bad rap from us faith-only folks.  I've found that I love this book more and more as I see the beautiful way James weaved themes together - in and out - like a tapestry.   I can do this... I can do this.
  • Culture shock and reverse culture shock are real experiences
  • God is bigger than culture shock - He knows and He understands and He loves me in spite of my inability to navigate the 'things of this world' well
  • Hot showers ARE everything they are cracked up to be!


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