This December

It is December.    Honestly, I've dreaded this month for 11 months.

After the high of the Thanksgiving team that helped us from Texas, anything following appears to be a let-down of great magnitude. 

Last December, I experienced a weird homesickness that came completely out-of-the-blue.    Being the typically prepared person that I am, I found all of it unsettling and undesired.

Last year at this time, we had only been in our apartment for a few weeks, we only had a few Christmas presents that my mom had sent from the US,  I didn't know to prepare ahead for a Christmas dinner by buying food in La Ceiba.  I just felt unprepared.

This year, we ordered our Christmas presents for our kids in September, shipped them in October and have them all ready;  a few special things for each of our kids.  

Our friends from the US sent us advent calendars, candy, dried fruit, books and Christmas cards.

My mom sent her presents in August.  She is way more on top of things than me.

I printed off an Advent devotional to turn our hearts toward the Reason for the season.

We've made plans to be in the US for Christmas 2012.

Have I done enough planning to ward off homesickness for December 2011?

Only the next 29 days will tell for sure, but 'things and plans' probably won't do it.

My secret weapon and sure-fire pattern for a peaceful December 2011 is this... 

Instead of focusing on what I don't have this year,  I'm committed to turning my heart toward what I DO have.   December is going to be a month of thankfulness for all of the ways I am full, even when I may 'feel' empty.

Come, Lord Jesus.   Come and show me how You have filled this heart and this life with good things, tangible blessings and new traditions.    Remind me of Your birth, Your gift, Your peace.


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