Reality - Part 2

Reflecting back on how reality greatly differs from the expectations we set, there is a realization that God has provided and is providing for the other areas we original dreamed about but have been unable to complete.   He is using other people!   As an example, we arrived with and continue to have a burden for the street kids here in Puerto Lempira.  They are around our door and in our lives on a daily basis.

And yet, other than tortillas with peanut butter and words of encouragement to seek God and seek education, we have little to offer. 

Enter Morgan.

Morgan is a 22-year old freshly graduated college student.  In 2009 and 2010, she served at the House of Hope.  On one of those visits, she was presented with a malnourished, sick baby she later named Grace.   Morgan has returned permanently to Puerto Lempira to raise Grace and other children in a 'home' setting.   Morgan lives behind us and is part of our family.

She teaches English in a program that tries to encourage street kids.  So... the Lord burdened her heart and confirmed it in mine for a weekly outreach and feeding program for children.   Cool!

And, guess what?    We will have the joy of supporting her in this and attending each week to be a part of what God is doing through HER life.

We believe that God is calling people to fill in all of the gaps here, just like He has done in many other places in Honduras and around His world.  Ministries, missionaries, volunteers all working together. 

When an outsider looks at this place, it is easy to cast a critical eye.  In fact, I still do at times.   And yet, just a bit of deeper digging reveals God's hands at work through many nationals and many foreigners...  hope springs eternal.

If you read my last post, I certainly hope you did not see it as me boasting about our efforts.  If we have anything to boast of, it is to BOAST in the way we SEE GOD AT WORK daily.   Yes, we love being a part of it.   At the core, it is God's Work, not ours.    One year, He will call us back to the US and we will, hopefully, pass His work on to the next generation of missionaries with a heart for Honduras.

Until then, we boast in our God and the way He works through broken vessels, through clay pots to shine His light.   Amen.


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