A few months ago, another missionary woman from the interior of Honduras sent me information about a retreat for English-speaking missionary women that was going to be held in the capital., Tegucigalpa.    My heart jumped as I read about the 4-day retreat.    And then I settled back down and realized that there was no way that any of us from La Moskitia would be able to go.  Plus, our non-profit had just sent our family to a conference in Copan for humanitarian organizations.   It just didn't seem possible for me

Here's where it gets really interesting.

Flights to Tegus from here are $500 round-trip.   If we flew to La Ceiba, it would be $250 plus a 7-8 hour bus ride.   None of us have this type of extra money to spend on a weekend retreat.

I contacted the group, Women of Purpose, to ask about us raising money to send just one of our missionary friends who especially needed some rest and quiet.    They inquired how many of us out here would be able to come if the plane to La Ceiba was paid for...  there were 4 of us.  

A few weeks later, the sweet coordinator contacted me to say that a church had donated exactly $1,000 to be used solely for travel expenses for women who lived remotely.  Wow.   $250 x 4... $1,000.

Last Thursday, we boarded a plane and headed to the retreat.    The travel day was 12 hours long, most of it on a bus through winding mountain roads.   We arrived late in the evening, missing the opening session, but arriving in time for worship music.   I sat down, closed my eyes and listened to worship music in my own language.   I turned to my right and my left and saw faces of other missionaries from the US and Canada who love this country.    I sang my heart out... and headed toward my bunk already full.

The retreat had so many high moments;  imagine youth camp with a bunch of missionary women and a team of 15+ people from the US who believe that God has called them to bring a retreat to the missionaries of Honduras.    Just overwhelming for this little Texas girl from La Moskitia.

I hope to share more about this trip and the way we were all loved.  For now, I'll leave it with this, there are just times when God gives us the very thing that will delight our hearts.   


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