Mystery Liquid Revealed

The lovely pitcher of liquid that looked like pink lemonade?   It was actually the water coming out of our tap.   Our well did not have enough water and therefore the pump was pulling sand.    Thankfully, we have a filter.  And thankfully, we sent new filter replacements on the container that arrived last weekend.

After the rain of last weekend, we had some clean water for a while and then we were back to sand as our tank (stores the water on our roof after it is pumped)  had a layer of sand at the bottom.

Our mouths feel a bit gritty.   And I'm always wondering if I have a little sand castle in my teeth. :)

Onward & upward!


Denise said…
Bleeeck!!! I thought it was some kind of exotic fruit juice, but wasn't about to guess what kind. It actually looked (way past tense) really good.

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