My Girl

New things I've learned and old things I once knew, but perhaps forgot, about my Arlee:
  • She loves to do laundry by hand and hang things on a clothesline
  • She has a knack with babies and toddler girls
  • She doesn’t see different colors of skin
  • She is not scared of a malnourished child or a filthy hovel of a home
  • She is tough
  • She ponders deep things, but rarely speaks on them
  • She is brave
  • She is gifted in initiating quarrels between her brothers
  • She is competitive
  • She loves Jesus but is scared to death to be baptized
  • She loves to read with a flashlight at night
  • She is no longer spoiled
  • She never complains about cold showers or lack of electricity
  • She is a loyal companion
  • She can and will fight for herself
  • She is the definition of lovely to me
  • She is often the teacher and I, the student.
  • She is my precious girl wrapped in a daily surprise


Denise said…
What sweet insight into a beautiful girl! I'm celebrating with you all that God is molding her to be.

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