Reaching Overwhelmed

Being on the receiving end of generosity can be challenging to the ego.  We are here in Texas and have experienced an outpouring of love from our family and friends.    My first response to someone who says 'let me do xyz for you' is 'Oh no! You really don't have to.'   You see, I'd rather believe that I've got it all under control.  Except, I don't.

Traveling internationally is difficult with 4 children and I DO need help.   But, I keep telling myself that I don't want to put people out any more than we've already done.  And yet, the requests keep coming.    With more requests, come more opportunities to see these things as gifts and accept them with a grateful, humble heart... not with an ego that cannot accept the love of others.

There is a lesson in here somewhere :).   I believe that this outpouring of love and generosity is showing me exactly what it feels like to be the people we serve in La Moskitia.  They, like us, receive something of great value in the name of Christ.    They, like us, have very little to offer in the way of 'thank you.'   

We are all so intertwined.   The world is much smaller than it appears.   We can all be on both the giving and the receiving end of love.  It is a beautiful symbiotic relationship that we are to have with one another when we are honest enough and humble enough to experience this.

Just opened my fridge to boil a few eggs... and this is what I found.   I know the chickens that laid these beautiful eggs... and I love the message that they bear. 


Holly (me.) said…
With as many people as you care for, it is a real treat for those who love you to get to do a bit for you in return.

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