Eyes Fixed...

Something odd happens when I'm in Puerto Lempira... I cannot journal. I'm a journaling kind of gal. In fact, often I do not feel I've actually lived something unless I've written it down in my journal. For some reason, my time in Honduras is almost unable to be written. It makes no sense.

It seems I've almost forgotten some of the experiences of our group just 2 weeks ago. It makes me sad. It makes me wonder if I actually went on the trip or just dreamed it all up in my imagination :).

And yet, I sense this unmistakable singularity of purpose in my days. My only thought is to fix my eyes on Christ and get back to the place He has called us as quickly as humanly possible.

The tentative timeline is language school for 8 weeks in La Ceiba beginning in early August. That would put us back in Puerto Lempira by mid October... just in time for the missionary at the House of Hope to leave for 2 months to fund-raise in the United States. We will need to hit the ground in a sprint if we are ever to keep up without her there. And that is just the House of Hope. We will also be working with Mama Tara's Miskito Orphanage, a place where God is working in large ways but hands are gravely needed.

Part of me just wants to forget the garage sales, forget the fund-raising, forget the rest of our home school year and get on a plane. In fact, that part of me is in the majority. A very, very small part of me speaks words of reason into my mind... we have to let our kids say a proper good-bye, we have to be good stewards of the remaining material possessions we must rid ourselves of, we have to tell others about Honduras.

Oh, to run the race of these last few months in the states with perseverance, with courage, with integrity and with humility.


Kerri said…
So understand all these feelings my dear, dear friend. Praying for you . . . excited for you . . . loving you. Happy Easter . . . may you and your family be blessed and renewed & rejuvenated in your celebration of His victory over death and the incredible hope we have because of it. Much love to all of you from all of us!!!
Kerri, Robert, Katherine, Joseph, Elizabeth & Samuel
I know friend!!! I LOVED our talk today! I am so excited for you guys to get going...and I know your anxiety and anticipation must be overwhelmingly consuming right now, but the Lord will send you when the time is right! July will be here before you know it! I am anxious to get there in November to see you guys and help in any way that we can!

Love you guys,
Holly (me.) said…
There was little time for thought or putting thought into words... much less pen to paper or fingers to imaginary keyboard. Yes, I suspect details have been lost, but there is still much to be told, friend.

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