Radical & Ready

Jolted by The Journey, once again. And sometimes I'm simply unable to speak about the radical things God continues to do in our hearts ... stupid things in the opinion of some, silly to some, irresponsible to some and down-right inexcusable to others. And yet, there are a few folks who know us well who agree that our journey toward Honduras is a very natural step, an obvious calling, the open door. For those fellow believers who have invested in us through the years, know our frailties and choose to support us anyway, you will never know how your encouragement, however, small, is often God's whisper into our hearts to keep walking. Just keep walking.

Here's hoping that I continue to 'look' radically different on the inside from how I looked 5 years ago... and that when we come back to visit from Honduras that I'm barely recognizable!


Holly (me.) said…
Having finished Brave New World tonight (again), I find thankfulness that there are still those willing to choose the radical.

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