Update on Prayer Request

To my blogging friends who prayed for my family and husband last week, thank you! The potential problem turned out to be 'not as large as he imagined.' He is having a normal week this week. Normal means on the phone round-the-clock, traveling most of the week and feeling like he's a fish out of water :).

I do miss him. With baseball, softball, co-op, sickness, house showings, etc... it seems like we've had only a few scant minutes to visit these past few weeks. Tomorrow may be a good day for just sittin' and visitin'.

God has been a faithful companion during my time without Alex. And He's added a few surprises in to keep things stirred. And yet, there is something that feels like fear creeping into my heart. More on this to come....


Kerri said…
Praying for you and your family, my dear, dear, dear, dear friend. Love you so much and miss you like crazy. I wish I could just grab you and your family, JoNell and her family and all of us just hang out at some cabin or resort or something for a week or so. Praying for God to make a special time for you and Alex.

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