Our Long & Winding Road

Several times per month I will receive an e-mail request to read our private blog, Long and Winding Road. Most requests come from folks who are considering becoming foster parents and want to read about the ins and outs of fostering and adoption through a state agency. I've decided to come out of anonymity and open this blog back up to public readers. It is difficult to read the posts backward from a chronological perspective. Maybe someday I'll redo the entire thing into one chronological post... until then, read away and feel free to e-mail me or comment with further questions.

Be blessed,


gracie :) said…
Welcome back into the light! :) I'm pushing my 100 reader limit, so I'm trying to decide what to do about that in the near future...I may be resurfacing one of these days as well.
Dana said…
No. Don't waste your time. I read that thing from the beginning to the end. It's too interesting not to put forth that effort. And just think what a character building exercise it is for the reader - develops patience and perseverance. :)

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