Odd ...

I hardly know what to do with myself... my older two are off for a camping adventure with my husband's parents. Hubby is off to the Midwest. What an unusual feeling to just cook for two wee boys and me! We have T-bones that we couldn't fix last night because 2 people wanted to see our house around dinner time. So... my tots and I plan to have a feast tonight of steak, broiled veggies and yeast rolls. Maybe I'll roll out some lemonade and ice cream to top it off.

Amazing, God-sized things are happening in relation to our future. Praise Him! The house is not selling, but it is showing more and we've lowered the price again. How desperately I want to rest in the timing... how I wrestle with God on this. And yet, my husband shows no worries about the house. He just wants to be in the center of God's will for his life. What an example for me if I will only look! Eyes wide open, eyes wide open... that is my refrain for 2009!


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