If These Trees Could Talk...

As I visit every tree :) on our property and tender my good-byes, I imagine their whispers, the memories that they hold of this family. Trees and me...I know it's a strange relationship. I'm weird in that way :). If these trees could talk, what would they share about this family and how we've changed over the past 5 years?

If these trees could talk... they would have a tale to tell of a family with dreams of country living. They would speak of a then-4-year old blond-haired boy swinging from their branches and gathering their leaves. They would mention the then-1-year old blond-haired baby girl not quite toddling, but quietly reaching her chubby arms to try to grab a branch. Maybe these trees would smile at how 'green' we were; maybe they would love the excitement we felt about fleeing the trappings of the city. Maybe.

If these trees could talk... they would share our garden-digging, the arrival of our beloved English Mastiff, Alex's first tractor, goats, chickens, snakes and raccoons. Maybe they would cackle aloud at the 'chicken feet' incident with Little Mommy or the time the tractor was stuck in the mire in the creek with Alex shoveling mud with his hands to get his Longhorn-orange Kubota out! Maybe.

If these trees could talk... they would reminisce upon the hours we spent beneath the stars with our feet warming at the fire pit, talking, dreaming, planning, living. They would share about the evening we decided to become foster parents, the night our first foster baby arrived, the many children who swung under the leaves on our Daddy-made swing. Maybe they would shed tears when they told of our losses. Maybe.

If these trees could talk... they would rejoice in a sunny summer day when Little Boy Blue came; a wee babe with a broken heart who we dreamed would be ours for eternity. They would celebrate the news that Prince Caspian would be 'ours' from day one, without the tenuousness that comes with fostering. Maybe they would join branches and cheer for a family growing, one child at a time. Maybe.

These trees, this land. Beauty surrounds and awakens the soul. "O Lord, our Lord. How majestic is Your name in all the earth." Psalm 8:1 Is the Lord's majesty only apparent on these 9 acres? No. He is majestic in all of the earth... it is high time that I see His majesty in all places.

Tree-friends, it is time for a fond farewell. Embrace these that follow us... teach them about this place. And may many more children swing from your branches.


gracie :) said…
I know it must be a bittersweet goodbye. Thankful for all the memories, while expectantly awaiting God's plan to unfold. How wonderful for your children to have had these years in the country!

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