I'm Dying to Tell About ...

our Open House. Thursday night we had an Open House for all 4 Grandparents. The kids were elated to show off their work and do some performing, too. I dreaded the event like the plague... why? In some odd way, I must have expected to be evaluated. What if all of the doubts about homeschooling proved correct?

Instead, the evening proved to be an opportunity to celebrate my kids. It was absolutely not about me. And I was able to see God's hand working this entire situation for His glory.

I'll post the details this week. Summer Break has officially begun! Bring on the sun!


tracey fields said…
that is awesome. we did an art show one year...us and another family and it was great. i hope you post some pics.
Carisa said…
Hi Laura, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I lok forward to you joining in with tot school :). I think an open house is SUCH a great idea, I am glad I jumped over here, I had never thought of doing that!

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