School Is Out! ... Well, sort of...

Can you believe it? My Principal called a Snow Day and a Sick Day all in one week??!!

Tuesday morning we awoke to the most beautiful snow I think I've ever seen. Little Mommy was beside herself. She knew it was snowing the night before and had a terrible time getting to sleep. When she awoke, I could hear her upstairs peeking out her windows and whispering in awe to herself. I'm thinking she doesn't remember snow in past years.

She bundled up and was outside by 7:00 a.m. collecting snow in huge baggies for snow ice cream. Her only sadness, Budding Author was terribly sick and could not join her discovery.

A Snow Day. A blessing of homeschooling. Little Mommy could play to her heart's content.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I awoke with a sore throat turned chills and aches. My Principal tried to find a substitute. For some reason, no one wanted to take on our pupils. So, he opted for a Sick Day.

A Sick Day. All 4 kiddos and one sick Mommy watched Noggin for hours on end while the Principal had a 3-hour conference call.

By late afternoon, I think the older two were ready to do something. They grabbed their school stuff and decided to work away. Little Mommy finished 3 lessons of her Explode the Code book 1. I don't know why she likes that stuff so much... phonics comes naturally to her, plus she has a highly competitive nature. She found book 2 and wanted to start on that one. I worked with her a bit on blends and she did a few pages.

For those of you who think it is horrible for my almost 5 year old to be working on phonics, my apologies. She has no pressure on her to complete anything. I have the material and manipulatives there for her to use, should she choose. The 'wee boys' may not be interested in any of this until they are 6. Great. Each child is so individual and I have to be willing to move outside of the 'norms' according to each child's interests and development.

As for Budding Author, he wanted me to read aloud about the Viking Age. My throat just couldn't take much of that. So, we took turns reading to one another from Story of the World, Book 2.

A sick day takes an unexpected twist.


Wendy said…
That's funny...My principal called a snow delay Tuesday and let us out early today (Thursday). I came home and took a THREE HOUR NAP!!! I guess I was tired. I am hoping they cancel Friday. There is really no point in a delay when we get off at 1 p.m. anyways.

see you on Saturday.

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