Green Hour Assignment #4 - A Daffodilly of a Day

This week's nature assignment was to pick a section of the Handbook of Nature Study to focus on for the next few weeks ... we chose bulbs and other garden flowers since we currently have blooms abounding in our yard.

Since Daffodils are visiting us, we cut a few and just took a close peek at these exquisite beauties. The immediate comments included "Wow, that looks like a tuba in the center" and from my daughter, "Oh, what a pretty hat!" Other thoughts included rockets, blasters and an upside-down fairy skirt.

Budding Author chose to draw several contemporary pictures with our daffodils in them... I cannot find his nature journal right this moment. Maybe I'll post a picture next week! Little Mommy told me in her sweet way how the daffodil grew ... 'that green shoot-thing pops out of the ground when it is still really cold outside and then this little yellowish fuzzy thing shows up... and the flower opens up after that.' She watches these things like a little hawk. Of course, she has a vested interest since she helped plant these babies.

*We have a big week next week with the adoption of Prince Caspian, our 20-month old son, to be finalized on Monday! Maybe we will do Assignment #5 during our Spring Break. If not, I'll see you for Assignment #6.


I love daffodils too. I love your descriptions and comparisons...very creative.

Thanks for sharing your link. Congrats on the adoption. :)

Pick up with the challenges when you can.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom
Tina said…
What pretty flowers. I need to plant more of those around our yard. Or I should say, I will purchase some and let the kids plant them. :o)

Congratulations on the adoption. :o)
Melissal89 said…
What a wonderful post! I love the descriptions of what the daffodil looks like...very creative.

And congratulations on your adoption, how wonderful!!

Blessings to you and your family,
School for Us said…
I love your kids comments, too. And, I'm sure the daffodils are all the more special to your daughter because she helped to plant them.

Congratulations on your adoption!

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