Art is the Word of the Day!

After reading this post at Little Acorns Treehouse, I was inspired to create a few Art Stations that fit my little homeschool. This morning seemed the perfect time to just 'go for it' and let Art dictate our morning.

First, we tried some sculpting. We took at peek at Michelangelo's sculpture of Moses. Then we worked on some sculpting of our own. There are certainly recipes to make your own play-doh, even edible play-doh. But, for today, I was very, very happy to have 24 colors of Play-Doh right at my fingertips

Second, we had a quick sketching lesson. Since we are working on a nature study of 'bulbs and flowers,' I pulled this 'How to Draw Daffodils' off of the internet. This was interesting ... we just took it step-by-step and tried to encourage one another along the way.

Lastly, we learned about primary colors, warm/cool colors and did some painting. We took paper plates and made 3 large circles in a triangular shape. The large circles we painted with the 3 primary colors. Next, we made smaller circles to show the secondary colors.

To show the difference between warm and cool colors, we looked at Van Gogh's work.

Starry Night is a great example of cool colors...

Sunflowers is a great example of the use of warm colors...

(Earlier this year, I found a calendar with Van Gogh's paintings for fifty cents! I cut each month out and when we have a few minutes, I just add another painting to our wall and we look at it a bit. Now my kiddos think they personally know Van Gogh.)

To finish it off, they painted their own masterpieces...

It is an Artsy-type of day around here!


tracey fields said…
i love the pic that you took over your child while he was painting.

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