A Day at the Museum...

I awoke this morning with no expectation for our day at the Dallas Museum of Art. If the kids hated it, so be it. In fact, I never expected them to love it. Isn't that sad?

At the suggestion of Harmony Art Mom - Barb, I took 4 of the pictures from the museum's website and made little cards, like this.

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Before you think I'm some super Mom, let me tell you that this took 5 minutes. Just a little cut 'n paste and print out on a color printer and there you have it... Everyone had their own 'art cards' as they were affectionately termed to carry in their pocket. (Including Mommy!)

So, we jumped the DART train and had a fun ride to downtown Dallas. Realistically, even if this had been the best part of the day, I would have considered our first field trip a success. We walked the few blocks to the museum. It was 'free day' at the museum - the first Tuesday of every month admission is free. Yes, I planned this one!

Budding Author removed his backpack right when we walked in. Little did I know, he had packed his sketch pad and pencil in his backpack before we'd left home. So, he just plopped himself right down in front of a sculpture and started to draw. Then he moved on to a very abstract piece of art and sketched that, trying to add the artist's name. Since this was now the plan, I had to find a sketch book for Little Mommy. After dropping some dough at the museum store, both were ready to draw to their heart's content.

I realized right then and there that I could not have planned such a reaction. And, I'm glad. My job is not to lecture, dictate or pontificate on the merits of one artist over another ... my job is to expose them to beauty and then step out of the way. Which, by the way, reminds me a great deal of what we'd like to do in their relationship with God ... We cannot force our faith on them. We can show them the Truth and absolute beauty of a living relationship with the God of the universe. And then we must step out of the way and allow God to speak directly to their heart without our assistance... tough, isn't it?

We finished the day in the Kid's area of the museum. There was a table where you could look in a mirror and draw a self-portrait... Mommy even did one! And then there was this... painting with water on special boards...

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What a day! I learned so many things about art. I learned even more about being a teacher, or should I say student, of my children.


Can I just say WOW! Can you even imagine such a day? I am so happy and thrilled that your children took to the art museum. It reminds me that we need to remember we don't need to "teach" everything. Children naturally are drawn to beauty if we don't put our own two cents in beforehand. They "get" it better than we do.

I just wrote about this on my blog last week.....we are just the coach and they are the ones that run with the ball.

I am proud of you all!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom
christy said…
What an awesome day! Looks like they are enjoying themselves quite well!
Just a comment on what you said about encouraging a relationship with God. This is something that we have been discussing the past few years. It just can't be forced--we must let the Holy Spirit speak to their hearts (without any interference from us!)It is a hard task, but I believe worth it when the decision is theirs alone.
Thanks for sharing your day!
Christy :)

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